This is just a DRILL


October 15, 2016



The Texas Motor Speedway – 3575 Lone Star Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76247



Zombies Ahead! Run!


Zombies ahead! Run!


The real key to surviving Zombies is can you run fast enough? There’s a reason they’re called the walking dead. They don’t jog. They definitely don’t sprint. And if you’re in reasonably good shape, heart and lungs and brains in working order (in addition to being absolutely scrumptious), once the dead rise you’ll be getting a hellacious cardio workout. Good shoes are essential.

So welcome to The Electric Zombie Run! To survive you must have some running skills.

If you finish your 5k run in 30 minutes or less you will receive a special glow in the dark Electric Zombie Run medal that says “I survived the Electric Zombie Run.” If your finish time is over 30 minutes – your glow in the dark Electric Zombie Run medal will say, “I was too slow. I am a zombie.”

Feel free to bring any additional lighting decorations of your own. We want everyone gleaming, radiant and brilliant!

No Children under 12 years old are allowed.

Entry Fees

Just $30

Register 4 or more and save $5 off each entry

There are no service fees


Finisher Medals




Zombies on the course!