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DIY Zombie Costumes And Makeup Ideas For College Party

Zombies are all around! Well, this is just pertaining to events, TV shows, movies, and others that use zombies as its main concept. You can see lots of films and TV series with zombie theme all around. This is why people have become crazy with zombies as well. And with this, more and more events and parties use zombies as its main theme. Why not? This can be fun and will bring out the creativity of the attendees.
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DIY Ideas on Zombie Costumes and Makeup for College Parties

1. Rip it off

There are no zombies that are well-dressed. Rip off your white shirt and jeans. This is an effective costume as a zombie. It is better if you can make it look dirty by using paint or even food coloring. The more ripped your clothes are, the better.

2. Barefoot

Zombies do not wear sneakers or leather shoes. So, you can definitely go barefoot! Or if you are afraid that you might step on something that will hurt your feet, then choose slippers that are thin and unnoticeable.

3. Face powder, eyeliner, and black mascara

You have to look bare and as white as paper. To make your skin, particularly your face, look dirty, use eyeliner, and do not forget about mascara. To look bare and white, add a splash of powder to your face.

4. Touch of blood

To make it look like blood has flown from your mouth, you can use lipstick to paint drops of blood. You can also put lipstick or paint on your clothes.
Of course, your actions will make your DIY costume look realistic. So, take your zombie look to the next level and nail those zombie-themed college parties. Zombie costumes do not need to be expensive. With a little research, resourcefulness, and creativity, you will get your entire costume and zombie look done, and you are set to attend your college party. In fact, all of the things you need can be found in your closet and cabinets. Being imaginative means creating things out of what you have. The most important thing is that you are ready with your zombie look and set out to enjoy the party.