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How to transform into a scary zombie through a perfect costume

Of course, college is not only about fun and parties. There is a studying routine interrupted by the questions "Can you do homework for me?" and complaints about the number of writing assignments. However, when it comes to entertainment, you get compensation for all your hard work and sleepless nights. One of the brightest holidays in students' life becomes Halloween – the eve of all saints. On this day, students usually have a great party where they implement all their creativity, trying to embody a scary image. If you decided to become a zombie (a great plan that doesn't require any extra purchases), there are some good zombie ideas for Halloween you can check.

How to become a scary zombie

Zombies are rather concerned about getting their next meal than looking fashionable. Any clothes will fit, as before being infected, they were just ordinary people living an ordinary life and wearing ordinary clothes. However, it doesn't mean that this costume will be easy to create, as this look requires some effort and creativity. Even being a slob, a zombie should still represent a scary monster ready to eat someone alive. Let's discuss the general steps of making yourself a bad zombie at a nice Halloween party among other students in undead costumes:

1. Pick your image

Zombie grad student costume Halloween is one of the outfits that never get old. The reason is quite simple: anyone can be zombies. To your choice, there are many forms: doctors, nurses, zombie brides, zombies from 80s, sexy and geeky, zombie cheerleader or prom queen, and even zombie-hipsters. You may choose a specific person, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio zombie, but you will have to prepare the elements of recognition of your image and methods to copy him. So which zombie will you be?

2. Work on clothes

Look for some old clothes you will never wear again (because after transformation you will not be able to). Check whether you did take your dad's pants or your mom's coat for cooking. If you are ready to invest, you can purchase some catchy elements of clothes online. If you are not sure about the final look, get more clothes to practice and experiment with it;

3. Make it look realistic

Once you've picked the things, transform them into something terrible! Work on cuts and tears in different places, take care of holes made of big and small sizes, and have the edges look a bit tattered using a knife or scissors. Do it accurately not to destroy it at all;

4. Add final elements

Now your clothes are tattered, but no real zombie would go outside in such a decent outfit. It's time for some dirt, bloody stains, mold, and other elements of décor to make you look authentically. Soak your clothes in black tea, use the spray if necessary, and get a brush and paint for bright and dark fake blood spots. You may also paint some revealed parts of your body to depict wounds that a zombie received. Mold stains can be expressed with a combination of green, yellow and brown colors
Of course, it takes some work to look this horrible. Don't forget to work on makeup on any parts of your skin that get exposed to make the final image look completed and realistic.